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Job Offer: Tele Medicine Manager:

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Job Detail
   » Business Sector:
Doctor / Nurse / Medical Research
   » Total Positions:
   » Employment Type:
Full Time
   » income (PKR):
   » Job Job location:
Lahore, Pakistan
   » Minimum suitable education
   » Minimum practice:
5 Years
   » Apply By:
Aug 02, 2024
   » Job Posting Date:
Apr 02, 2024

Mayo Hospital Child life foundation Lahore, Pakistan

Job Description

The Manager Telemedicine will support and take an active function in leading and supporting the day-to-day management of Telemedicine Department. He/She will be responsible for managing teams to appropriately service patient treatment and clinical activities at telemedicine department.
Organize TM operations and procedures
Monitor activities of TM Physicians
Manage discussion with TM physician on everyday basis
contact with site administrators and other departments for necessities
Maintain office equipment
Manage meeting arrangements
Listening to TM physician concerns and feedback
» Highlighting the areas need to focus
Record observations
Evaluate staff performance located on surveillance checklist
Discuss performance and quality with each employee
• Load and coordinate on HR related matter of new and existing TM physicians
Ensure department records to be filed appropriately
Ensure employee records to be filled appropriately in HR
Ensure TM physicians calls to be recorded including on site and aggregation for processing of
Maintain coordination with Information technology team 24/7 in case of any technical assistance
Coordinate with Information technology on new developments for better efficiency
Monitor TM systems, layout and equipment work effective
Reports via emails and update everyday KPI’s on dashboard and develops appropriate methodologies for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data fields
Report monthly reports to PIC’s and site administrators
TM monthly reports, efficiency report, punctuality, coverage and compliance report

expertise Required
   » pharma sales
   » pharma industry expertise
   » client relationship management
   » public relation
   » manager administration
   » analytical expertise
   » problem solving and decision making skil


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مكان الوظيفة: Lahore Punjab
العنوان: Lahore
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