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Job Offer: Short Term - Skill Building Consultant for Digital:

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Chemonics International is implementing Pakistan Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA), which is a 5-year, $35 million project that is aimed at improvement of financial and operating performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan in selected high- performing industrial, manufacturing and services sectors.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is one of the target sectors for which SMEA has planned its interventions. As per Pakistan Software Export Board the SME count in ICT and Call Centers are estimated at 2500 SMEs, however due to the public and private sector investments in National Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, the space is attracting startups and is quickly gaining share of mind of international outsourcing operations. These ICT companies are marketing their products and services to the international buyers both B2B and B2C using conventional marketing and digital marketing channels. In the face of increased competition for attention on digital channels, ICT companies need to reach the right decision makers on the right channels to increase their sales. A need assessment exercise conducted by SMEA also reiterate the fact that international marketing is one of the major challenges faced by the ICT SMEs.

To address the marketing challenge of the ICT SMEs, Chemonics International requires the services of consultant(s) for a total level of efforts of 48 days to deliver skill building workshops on digital marketing in various cities of Pakistan.

Further details of the assignment can be seen in the ?Scope ofWork?_**

The Consultant will have the following specific tasks to execute:

- Meet with SMEA, Competitiveness Enhancement Lead and other team members to understand the specific requirements of the scope of work. Study and understand the project background, approach and objectives and review other significant studies/material
- Meet with the ICT sector expert of SMEA, develop and customize the content of the Digital Marketing training in-line with the expectations of the Sector Specialist, ICT sector. The trainer may suggest handouts, brochures or handbooks.
If required the trainer may get feedback on the content from the significant industry stakeholders such as Pakistan Software Exports Board (PSEB), (P@SHA) or National Incubation Centers and businesses to understand the exact digital marketing needs of different categories of ICT SMEs (needs of start-up vs established businesses). Customize the training modules as per the identified needs and share with SMEA team to solicit feedback and get approval.
Coordinate with point of contacts for venue location to ensure maximum turnout. Ensure the reach of the event using social media personally, industry association and venue locations. Publicize the training event through respective social media channels and content relevance to the expected audience.
Coordinate with the procurement and training specialist to schedule the execution of the trainings
- Conduct training sessions as per the requirement of days of respective modules in planned cities depending the needs of theaudience
- A report on completion of the training

**Selection Criteria**

The trainer should have requisite technical expertise and practical practice in digital marketing. They should also understand the marketing related issues faced by the ICT sector in Pakistan and practice of conducting trainings. The minimum requirement for selection are:

- Bachelor's degree in business administration/IT or related field. Master's degree preferred
- Digital marketing certifications preferred
- 3-5 years of practice in digital marketing/commercialengagement
- practice in conducting trainings for SMEs especially the ICT sector SMEs in past 12-24 months
- consciousness of recent trends and changes in digital marketing and other business practices especially the latest business trends of the ICT sector
- Previous practice of working with USAID projects or other donors in economic growth will be preferred
- practice of working with donor projects in the SME space will bepreferred
- Excellent written and verbal communication expertise
- Excellent presentation expertise

The Company

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   . Chemonics International SMEA

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   . Islamabad
   . 673,800
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   . PK-44000
   . Islamabad
   . Islamabad
   . Pakistan


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