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Job Offer: Intern(wordpress / Php):

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Job Offer:
Setting up and managing multiple environments (dev, test, andlive)

Converting existing non-WordPress applications into effective, user- friendly WordPress themes (sites)

Updating and maintaining existing WordPress websites, including content updates, visual enhancements, landing page creation, plugins and widgets

Using graphics and mockups effectively to adhere to style and brandidentity

Testing and troubleshooting pages on multiple browsers andplatforms

Troubleshooting production issues

Project reporting and effective communication of status and tasks related to their initiatives

Work with dev team to ensure seamless harmony between the application and marketing website

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The Company

Company Name
   . Seronic Group

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Job Location
   . Islamabad
   . 673,800
Post Code
   . PK-44000
   . Islamabad
   . Islamabad
   . Pakistan


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