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Grants adjunct - Lahore:

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Grants adjunct - Lahore

36 views End Date: 28 Oct, 2018

Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :22 Oct, 2018

Grants adjunct will support the grants team in the grant implementation process at the regional office.
Scope of Work
   » Support the Grants agents in grant implementation.
   » Generate and review all aspects of grant agreements, including milestone schedules, with grantees.
   » Generate and maintain documentation of all grants including grant agreements, grant amendments/addendums, and other grants-related documents till grants close-out and proactively identify errors and/or missing documentation to ensure compliance.
   » Work closely with other APT members to finalize and share activity concepts and proposals.
   » Review and negotiate with grantee on grant budget line items and coordinate with Procurement and HR for cost verification of grant budgets.
   » Schedule meetings including kickoff meetings to define functions, responsibilities, and timelines for grantees.
   » Verify milestone documentation and submit deliverable approval/payment requests to the Manager, DCOP and Finance department.
   » Support the Database agent in making Grants Implementation Tracker updates on a weekly basis, along with any other tracker (as required).
   » Maintain inventory for items purchased under each grant.
   » Support the full cycle of grants beginning from solicitation application review, and including pre-award assessments, monitoring/compliance visits and reporting, and close-out procedures.
   » Coordinate with Reporting agent to update information in program reports and other written materials, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.
   » Review and coordinate with the Information and Reporting agent, Program and Communications Manager for the Non-Partisan Review (NPR) process of all the contents and materials produced under grants.
   » Assist Grants team in preparation of weekly projections to be sent to Finance.
   » Perform any and all other tasks as may be assigned by the Manager in a manner that contributes to achievement of the project’s work plan and objectives.
   » Any other duty assigned by the manager.
   » University degree in significant field.
   » significant practice working on USAID contract in a related function highly preferred.
   » Minimum of 2 years of practice with grants or small grants under contract programs required.
   » Strong computer expertise (MS Office suite) required.
   » Excellent written and verbal communication expertise required.
   » English language fluency required.


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راتب: غير محدد
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تجربة (سنوات): غير محدد
مكان الوظيفة: Lahore Punjab
العنوان: Lahore
نوع المؤسسة صاحب العمل
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