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Job Offer: Communication Associate Consultant:

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Communication Associate Consultant

CNFA - Agricultural Market Development Program (USAID)
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Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :18 Oct, 2018

Project Name
CNFA-AMD/ Project Number AID-391-C-15-00003

Assignment Title
Communication Associate Consultant

Reports to
Communication Specialist

Place of Performance

Performance Period
November 2018 to January 2019

About CNFA:
CNFA is an enterprise development organization located in Washington, D.C., dedicated to stimulating sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. CNFA specializes in fostering private sector investments in training, new technologies and marketing as a means to increase the overall competitiveness of agricultural value chains, to expand exports, and to develop expertise in the rural workforce. By generating higher salarys for farmers, processors, entrepreneurs and distributors, CNFA helps improve livelihoods and reduce poverty.
Project Description:
The U.S.-Pakistan Partnership for Agricultural Market Development (AMD) activity in Pakistan is a USAID funded activity implemented by CNFA with the goal of supporting the development of Pakistan’s commercial agriculture, particularly through improving the capability of Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sectors to meet both international and domestic demand and requirements in targeted product lines in citrus, mango, high value/off season vegetables and livestock. AMD’s targeted interventions such as training, matching grants, and technical assistance is aimed to leverage private sector investment and encourage innovation. Together, these interventions will upgrade and streamline supply chains, optimize profit margins, increase in horticulture produce export, enhancing participation of women entrepreneurs, and ultimately make Pakistani mango, citrus, meat and HV/OSV production and marketing more profitable and competitive.
Position tasks and Job responsibilities:
   » Support the Communications Specialist in the preparation of all work plans and internal reports;
   » Assist in the preparation of promotional material including presentations, reports, fact-sheets, one-pagers etc.
   » Assist in planning and management of project related events
   » Coordinate conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtable meetings, and training sessions;
   » Prepare agendas, event briefers and talking points;
   » Develop drafts for AMD’s success stories;
   » Coordinate with vendors including advertising agencies, graphic designers, printers, stall/pavilion fabrication firms for project workshops, conferences, and other significant events;
   » Develop presentations for project and its components;
   » Ensure proper reporting, filing and archiving of all significant administrative, technical and programmatic communications documents;
   » Proactively research updated USAID communications policies and regulations to ensure compliance of communications activities;
   » Capture and maintain photograph bank for all events;
   » Other tasks as assigned
The Communication Associate Consultant is supervised by, and reports to, the Communication Specialist.
Working Conditions / Special Considerations:
The employee is expected to comply with the terms and conditions as noted in the letter of agreement with CNFA.
This assignment is located in Pakistan. Lahore will be the primary duty post.
Appropriate qualifications:
   » Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, mass communications/social sciences/marketing or related discipline;
   » At least 2 years of significant work practice working in similar positions; practice working with       USAID projects preferred; 
   » Demonstrated skill in program communication, development of information and Communication material;
   » capability to produce well-presented reports and publications;
   » Team player, problem solver with the capability to work under tight deadlines;
   » Excellent communication and interpersonal expertise;
   » Fluency in English required, Excellent written English
   » Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; 
   » Familiarity with graphic design software is desirable. 
Preferred Personal expertise:
   » Team player, with excellent organizational expertise;
   » Strong communication and interpersonal expertise;


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مكان الوظيفة: Lahore Punjab
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