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Security adjunct:

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Security adjunct

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Location :Peshawar
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
income :PKR 118564/Month  None
Start Date :12 Oct, 2018

Under the overall supervision of the Community Resilience Activity (CRA) Chief of Party/Programme Manager and through technical advice received from the Field Security agent (FSO) and Security Coordinator, the Security adjunct will be directly reporting to the Team Leader, Peshawar and will be responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of program safety and security policies and procedures in the newly merged Tribal Districts, KP region;
   » Assist in the overall management of the program’s safety and security systems, including the implementation of the security plan, by remaining abreast of various safety and security procedures, policies, guidelines and industry best practices.
   » Supervise and guide the Guard Commander in the day to day management of the security guard force.
   » Regularly contact with security personnel from other organizations, police and military officials and local government authorities at appropriate levels.
   » Systematically document, map, monitor and report all program related safety/security incidents, situations and advisories from other entities and report such to the security agent.
   » Collect open source and proprietary information relating to the security situation in the area of responsibility for onward submission to the security agent.
   » Help ensure that program staff members within the AOR adhere to all safety and security protocols.
   » Help ensure the timely and appropriate dissemination of security information to staff.
   » Assist in conducting security assessments/evaluations and offer appropriate risk mitigation recommendations located on existing program Security Unit safety and security protocols. 
   » Assist as required in security administration, particularly with respect to Travel Security Clearances, Travel Tracking, the Warden System and staff lists and ensure that program security documents are updated and properly stored.
   » Conduct safety and security briefings/trainings/drills as required.
   » Perform other safety and security related tasks as required.
   » Bachelor’s degree in significant field with work practice of three years in a similar position;
   » Knowledge and knowledge about working in Newly Merged Tribal Districts & KP as well as Peshawar;
   » capability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
   » Knowledge of local security protocols & guiding field teams on security of areas they are working in; 
Required languages
   » Urdu and English
   » Pashto


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راتب: غير محدد
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تجربة (سنوات): غير محدد
مكان الوظيفة: Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
العنوان: Peshawar
نوع المؤسسة صاحب العمل
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