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Hashoo Hunar Association
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Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
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Post Type:Job
Start Date :20 Jul, 2018

JOB PURPOSE: The Receptionist will perform her/his tasks in order to provide communication assistance to entire HHA Office. She/he will manage the telephone exchange efficiently. She/he will also undertake certain assignments related to office administration support. 
Listing description
Main Responsibilities & Tasks: 
Front Desk
   » Be available at the reception desk during the office hours to attend incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
   » Monitor the flow of outgoing calls and keep the Admin Office informed on regular basis.
   » To ensure smooth functioning of office exchange system and its subsidiary links.
   » To attend official guests and trainees at the reception desk
   » Prepare and maintain a database of Ms Excel on regular basis of all staff members’ names, addresses, telephone and mobile numbers and keep the list updated at all times.
   » Ensure that the office notice board is updated to reflect current notices and not outdated information.
   » Receive and send mail/courier and maintaining records and handover timely to every staff.
   » Housekeeping of Reception area ensuring proper maintenance of all equipment at the reception.
   » Updates the everyday records of telephone and couriers.
   » Any task assigned by manager.
   » Maintain employees’ attendance record on everyday basis and share with HR Department on weekly bases.
   » Maintain employees’ attendance leave or absent
   » Timely informed absent or late coming staff to HR Department.
Required Education, practice and competencies
   » Ideal candidate must have Secondly School certificate.
   » Minimum one year of significant practice in front desk
   » Must have competent Information technology expertise (MS office is must)
   » Sound judgment, flexibility, adaptcapability, gender and cultural sensitivity
   » Female Candidates are encouraged to apply
   » Preference would be given to local candidates (Islamabad city)


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