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Offer: Call Center Operator:

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Call Center Operator

83 views End Date: 05 Aug, 2018

Location :Islamabad
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
income :PKR 65,500/Month  None
Start Date :23 Jul, 2018

Listing description
Under the direct supervision of the Chief Medical agent on technical matters and the Chief of Mission IOM Pakistan, the prosperous candidate will be responsible for providing Call Centre support to the Immigration Health Assessment Programs for empaneled host migrant countries, she/he will:
   » Handle the calls in a professional manner by managing special telephone tasks such as receiving messages, call transfers, holds, call backs, unintentional dis-connections and interruptions.
   » Scheduled appointments for migration health assessment countries through telephone calls and emails.
   » Communicate and confer with customers by using official software.
   » Able to prosperously transcript all significant information to the database with accuracy receiving information through telephone calls and emails.
   » Keep record of individual everyday activity and report to the manager on everyday basis.
   » Capable of working under pressure with a client centric environment.
   » Stay updated with the expertise of each service, protocol, staff rules and regulations.
   » Any other tasks assigned by the manager/CMO
Qualifications and expertise:
suitable education Graduate
   » Minimum two years’ working practice in Call Center
   » Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal expertise, as they have to execute various tasks using all these proficiencies.
   » Computer literacy: intermediate-level user or higher.
   » Typing expertise: speed 200 symbols/min and higher.
   » Good expertise of English and Urdu.


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مكان الوظيفة: Islamabad Islamabad
العنوان: Islamabad
نوع المؤسسة صاحب العمل
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