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Restaurant Manager expertise Trainer:

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Restaurant Manager expertise Trainer

Hashoo Foundation
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Location :Lahore
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :23 May, 2018

**** Must have significant practice and Diploma****

JOB PURPOSE: Restaurant Manager Trainer will be responsible to develop and conduct training session plans under Hospitality Management Training Program. Design complete training sessions by taking into consideration the adult learning theories and get approval from management. Reception expertise trainer will focus on trainees’ professional grooming and will provide constructive feedback without alienate or  discouraging them
functions and Responsibilities :
   » Comprehend the training objectives and derive learning results by designing /reviewing training material/manuals and conduct training sessions in close coordination with manager.
   » Use a variety of training techniques to build the technical competencies of reception within given time.
   » Manage, support, and evaluate the professional grooming and development of trainees.
   » Manage trainees’ progress evaluation (Pre, Post, Formative & Summative) and submit reports (hard & soft copies) to the manager within a week of evaluation and update results in MIS accordingly.
   » Ensure the proper management of trainees in reception expertise workshop.
   » Attend management meetings as and when required.  
   » Be up to date with contemporary expertise and expertise of all departments of the Hospitality industry through reading significant journals, browsing etc.
   » Develop theoretical and hands-on training schedules to ensure efficient utilization of resources.
   » Follow the Hashoo Foundation policies and procedures and adhere to the guidelines set by the management.
   » Acexpertise trainees, management and other stakeholder’s feedback.
   » Manage and organize the training equipment or resource material.
   » Perform any other assignment given by the management from time to time.
Required Qualification and practice
   » Professional education i.e. Diploma in Restaurant Management.
   » Graduate ( in case of intermediate he/she should have managery level practice in 3-5 star hotel and if matriculate he/she should have 5 years managery level practice in room division)
   » Active and having a good sense of humor to motivate adults for learning and change behavior.
   » At least two to three years of practice in significant field.
   » Training delivery practice would be preferred.
Soft expertise
Teamwork, Communication, Presentation, Information technology expertise, Management expertise


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مكان الوظيفة: Lahore Punjab
العنوان: Lahore
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