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IT adjunct:

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IT adjunct

Creative Associates International Inc.
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Location :Karachi
Country :Pakistan
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Post Type:Job
Start Date :17 Apr, 2018

Creative Associates International (Creative) is a dynamic and fast-growing professional services firm that specializes in international development in the areas of education, democratic transitions and stabilization in post-conflict environments. located in Washington, D.C., the firm has field presence in more than 20 countries worldwide with a strong and diverse portfolio that includes global contracts with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other clients including the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense. The firm has earned a solid reputation among its clients and missions worldwide and is well-regarded by competitors and partners alike.
Project Description:
The USAID-funded Pakistan Reading Project (PRP), implemented by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and its partners (Creative Associates International, World Learning, and Institute of Rural Management), is a seven year project with the objective to support the provincial and regional departments of education (DoE) all over Pakistan to improve reading expertise of children in grades one and two. The project will achieve this goal through three distinct but interrelated components that will work in synergy to affect the quality of early grade suitable education improve classroom learning environment for reading, improve policies and systems for reading, and community located support for reading in Pakistan.
Job Overview/Summary
IT/ICT Support Person will be responsible for assisting in the overall management of the day-to-day activities related  to IT/ICT in district offices; works as help desk staff providing assistance to internal/external users. Monitor content deployment, tablet distribution and support related issues and generate weekly, monthly and quarterly which are as follows;
1.            Tablets inventory (Monthly Report)
2.            Tablets movement track record (Weekly Report)
3.            Help desk support track record (Quarterly Report)
4.            Tablets repairing tracking sheet. (Weekly Report)
Major Job responsibilities:
   » Primarily responsible for the implementation of Organizational IT/ICT policies and procedures into district offices.
   » Major tasks include the installation, operation, and maintenance of computer systems and other technologies, such as communication systems, configuring hardware and software, setting up peripherals such as printers or routers, repairing equipment, and providing everyday support for computer network users.
   » Provide 1st line helpdesk support to district offices staff members
   » Maintain user’s complaint log and update resolved and unresolved issues.
   » Escalate unresolved issues to next level for further research and solution.
   » Responds to requests for routine technical assistance from SSAs, and other staff to resolve access issues and other routine problems related to internet and emails, online courses, content delivery system, Learning Management System and Cloud Drives (Google Drive and One Drive).
   » Provides information and basic training to individual users on internet devices, computers, laptop, scanners, printers and projectors.
   » Effectively utilize the capabilities and functions of computer software applications such as data management, spreadsheets, and word processing, in completing assigned work.
   » Manage inventory and coordinate with regional Information technology manager on distribution update.
   » Maintain log of content deployment and develop progress report.
   » Verify tablet beneficiaries data and generate report.
   » Maintain warranty claims and coordinate with vendor and district team.
   » Maintain Service Level Agreement and ensure compliance.
   » Manage Service Desk Portal and generate report on the status of reported issues.
   » Manage Content Delivery Portal and update content and inform project staff and beneficiaries.
   » Maintain stock of tablets and generate weekly inventory report.
   » Issue tablets for project activities and ensure return after the completion of activity.
   » Reports equipment and system malfunctions to Information technology Manager.
   » Support on day to day Information technology related task as assigned by Information technology Manager.
   » Performs other related tasks as assigned
Job Requirements:
suitable education
   » Bachelor's degree in information systems or computer science, or a related degree or Diploma in Computer Sciences or Information technology and Telecommunication or Information technology related field from reputed organization.
Work practice:
   » Minimum Three to Four (3-4) years of work practice is required, preferably in Operations/IT field.
Demonstrated expertise and Competencies:
   » Excellent expertise of PC/Laptop handling and use, Internet Devices, Scanners, Printers and Android Tablets
   » Must have expertise of Windows, MS Office and Android Apps and Content Delivery.
   » Must be aware of industry standard software and trends.
   » Must have expertise of inventory system.
   » Must have hands on practice on content delivery in low bandwidth areas.
   » Excellent expertise of ICT/IT Systems
   » Can communicate technical language and terms in clear ways to users
Language expertise: 
   » Have good written communication expertise and can communicate in both verbal and written Urdu/Sindhi and English language.
Physical Demands:
   » While performing the tasks of this job, the employee may occasionally be required to lift and/or move up to 20-25 pounds.


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