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Development Sector
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Location :Peshawar
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
income :50,073  None
Start Date :07 Dec, 2017

Under the overall supervision of the Program Manager, the cleaner will directly report to the respective Team Leader & Procurement and Logistics adjunct. The incumbent will be responsible for the cleanliness of the whole office. In particular, he will be responsible for:

I. Responsibilities and Accountabilities
   » Sweep, mop, wash, wax and polish floors
   » Dust furniture, drapery, and upholstered furniture
   » Change and distribute clean towels and toiletries
   » Clean, disinfect and polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances
   » Clean and disinfect public areas such as Toilets, showers, and elevators
   » Pick up debris and empty trash containers
   » Clean windows, walls, ceilings and wash Kitchen utensils.
   » sweeps walkways, driveways, and parking lots using the street sweeper, and picks up paper and rubbish, and empties garbage cans
   » Assist in loading & unloading when & if required.
   » Make & serve tea/coffee/Green tea to office staff & guests when & if required.
   » Collect and Deliver Email/Documents as assigned.
   » Operate the generator and look after its fueling.
   » At times serve as a runner.
   » Perform any other tasks as may be assigned by manager

II. Technical
   » knowledge hygienic principles during cleaning
   » Having basic knowledge/knowledge of cleaning Information technology equipment
   » Friendly Communication expertise with staff members
   » Self-motivated and know what to clean at what time

III. Education and practice

A matriculate of any; with at least 2 years’ practice in a multicultural organization is an advantage.

IV. Languages


Working knowledge of English, Urdu, and Pashtu, or other languages spoken in the region will be an advantage


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اللغة المتطلبات:
نوع العمل:
راتب: غير محدد
الأكاديمي درجة: غير محدد
تجربة (سنوات): غير محدد
مكان الوظيفة: Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
العنوان: Peshawar
نوع المؤسسة صاحب العمل
تاريخ التسجيل: 12/07/2017 / Viewed 4 times
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